Business Incubation Management

Every startup has a birth but, unfortunately, not every startup survives and matures.

Surrounded by a flux of interactions, in an environment of change and chance, entrepreneurs maneuver and observe with keen attention. They intently watch the scene for “points of pain” and “opportunities for gain”. These entrepreneurs are bound to bring value to the table.

From the dense mind-space emanates a rippling thought that sparks a “treppy” idea. Context, when applied to the idea establishes a solution. Once born, are you ready to iterate and pivot that startup?

Troy Weekes, Business Incubation Management Training

Yes! Alert and ready!

The earlier that the entrepreneur realises that access to an incubator is a worthy consideration, the better the chance that the business will have surviving.

A business incubator is an organisation that helps startups develop during the early stages of development and guides them to mitigate against the risk of failure. Incubators create a space for reflection and questioning to add value to the startup. Incubators assist startups through the provision of processes and micro-ecosystems, which connect to wider networks and macro-ecosystems.

Now imagine for a second that a new business incubator is also startup, with customers and partners and value propositions and…

After voluntarily seeking immersion into the flux of interactions during infoDev’s Business Incubation Management Training Program, I have witnessed “opportunities for gain”.

Have you Trepped it? See the echo?

Troy is Barbados' national expert for mobile innovation under the World Summit Awards. His research and digital entrepreneurship focuses on e-learning, human-centred design and human performance improvement. Troy is a board-certified associate human factors professional.